4th of July tips from Fine European Wines


Celebrating the Fourth of July may be more about casual barbecues and picnic tables littered with juicy grilled meats and variety of salads, but that doesn’t mean that the wine should be overlooked.

We, from Fine EU wines surely agree so here are 3 quick tips to consider on this festive day! 

Tip 1: Go for the summery Rosé

One style of wine that can effectively complement all of these flavor profiles is rosé. A well balanced rosé will provide the fruity richness to handle heartier fare (anything off the grill), while at the same time not over power the more delicate or sweeter dishes (corn or coleslaw) on the menu. Plus a refreshing glass of rosé is a nice way to cool off on this warm weather holiday. 

A perfect match is our Rosé 2015 Pinot Noir 60% & Syrah 40% from the Thracian Valley. Its soft and gentle taste followed by a long finish with aftertaste of fresh fruits will complement this celebration of freedom impeccably.








Tip 2: Did someone say white wine Sangria?

 If you do not feel like drinking plain wine with your meal, why not adding some fruits and turning it into the best 4th of July Sangria to sip while watching the fireworks? Any white wine from our list will do the job just fine but we recommend using our organic blend of Chardonnay & Muscat Ottonel as it fresh and tender taste will complement this drink perfectly.

So here is our favorite recipe for Red, White & Blue Sangria:

o   1 bottle of Chardonnay & Muscat Ottonel from the sunny Thracian Valley  

o   1 (16 oz.) container strawberries

o   1 tsp sugar

o   1 (12 oz.) container blueberries

o   1 lime

o   1 liter seltzer water or club soda, chilled

Servings: 6-8

1.    Slice strawberries and add to a large pitcher. Sprinkle with sugar.

2.    Stir in blueberries, wine, and lime juice. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or up to 24 hours.

3.    When ready to serve, stir in chilled seltzer water or club soda. Serve chilled and/or over ice. Enjoy!




Tip 3: It’s time for a dessert! 

What better way to end the feast on 4th of July than with an apple pie!

We highly recommend pairing it with our Rheinriesling 2011This sweet dessert wine will bring out the nutty, nutmeg and caramel notes in the pie!  









So there you have it folks, 3 tips you can try on this special Monday!

Soon our wines will be available in several wine stores around USA, but until then if you are impatient and want to taste those wonderful wines check our calendar of events here:

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Happy Birthday, America! Have a great 4th of July!