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Cheers to new beginnings! 


Merlot & Syrah Blend

Happy New Year, Wine Lovers!

We wish you a year filled with health, joyful moments, happiness and Fine Wines of course!

It’s a new year with many new possibilities and adventures waiting ahead so we would like to start 2017 by featuring one bold, “rules breaking” blend – Merlot & Syrah 2013. 

Produced in the Thracian Valley’s sub region: South Sakar, this wine is not considered the usual blend and probably is frowned upon by the French. Rarely you will see a Bordeaux sort combined with a variety from Rhône Valley. However, the final result is a delicious wine that disrupts any initial hesitations.

This blend from 2013 is 70% Merlot and 30% Syrah. Both sorts were handpicked and left for long temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Merlot has aged 2 years in stainless steel, while the Syrah has aged in 500l oaked barrels enhancing its spicy notes. The final blending was made before bottling.

Merlot and Syrah are outstanding varieties on their own but blended the two go a step higher and have great complementary characteristics.

Syrah, for all its weight and body, forms much of the blend’s structure and also provides the deep garnet coloring with purple nuances that makes the wine so dense and attractive. Merlot, meanwhile, adds fruit aromas of plum and ripe forest fruits. Together they make an exceptional blend as the spicy notes of the Syrah are strengthened and enhanced by the fruit elements of the Merlot.

The blend has a nice velvety tannins and delicious tasting notes of ripe red fruits, nutmeg, clove and a hint of violets. The finish is balanced and long-lasting, showing potential for aging. The recommended serving temperature is 60- 64 (16-18). 

Pairing Tips

This Merlot & Syrah blend would pair greatly with:

o   Barbecued pork ribs

o   Wild game dishes

o   Pasta with bolognese sauce

o   Chilli Con Carne

o   Aged yellow cheese: cheddar, aged gouda, manchego, etc. 

But after all we like to think that wine and food pairing is a balancing act, an art rather than an exact science. Do not worry too much about the best pairing, concentrate on enjoying the wine – it’s what matter the most.

This January open a bottle of Merlot & Syrah Blend and discover this delicious rules breaking blend. 

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