Wine of the Month February

love is in the air...melot & mavrud blends as well! 


Merlot & Mavrud Blend 

It’s the month of love and as you know - We <3 Organic so it’s the perfect time to feature one excellent organic wine: Merlot & Mavrud blend from 2013. 


Yes, last month the spotlight was indeed on another Merlot blend (in case you have missed it, you can read it here.) but we couldn’t resist the temptation to once again present a delicious blend with Merlot’s presence. This month’s featured Merlot is blended with a variety indigenous to the Thracian Valley region in Bulgaria – Mavrud. Mavrud is one of the oldest and most prized local varieties, even considered a national pride due to its great characteristics. It is often used in blends where it leaves its distinct blueprint and provides for an interesting combination of flavors.

This organic blend of Merlot 60% and Mavrud 40% produced in 2013 is an elegant wine that possesses great characteristics from both varieties. Fermentation and maceration was in stainless steels, followed by partly aging in oak barrels. The result is an excellent wine with bright red color and a lot of dimensions. It has fresh and fruity notes of red berries striking the palate at the first sip followed by notes of spices in the aftertaste. The blend has nice acidity, medium body with delicate tannins and a long finish.  

Pairing Tips

A glass of this organic blend can make wonderful companion to numerous dishes. Try it with grilled lamb leg steaks with rosemary sweet potatoes, or other vegetables and it might just become your favorite pairing. You can also pair this wine with something Italian like spaghetti and meatballs or baked pasta dishes such as lasagna – always a great choice. And if you go for a fitting selection of cheese, opt for crude, pressed variants.


Merlot & Mavrud blend also matches desserts quite well. Yes, as unusual as it sounds, this blend pairs excellent with desserts like apple pie, lemon cake, mousse, bread pudding. Just avoid the extra chocolate, or sugar heavy desserts.

The best serving temperature is 53- 57 (12-14).  

14th February: Double celebration 

Wine is the divine drink that has also become a symbol of love. Thus, there is no better occasion to drink wine than on the world’s most famous love day - Valentine’s Day! Regardless, if you are spending it alone, with friends or with a special someone this month’s feature Merlot & Mavrud is the wine to pick! It will bring all the desired fresh, fruity notes and spice up the mood.


Moreover, 14th February has an additional significance in the East European country - Bulgaria. It is a day that also honors St. Trifon - considered a patron of winegrowers. St. Trifon’s Day is an annual wine festival that celebrates viticulture and winemakers. During the day vines across the country are being pruned and wine is poured on the soil for fertility. After all, the patron of winegrowers has to be satisfied in order to bring good harvest to all. The day continues with delicious, traditional food, music and, of course, a lot of wine. 


Whatever you choose to celebrate this month do not forget to pour yourself a nice glass of Merlot & Mavrud wine and enjoy the beautiful February! 

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