Read about the wonderful wine tour that took place in may 2018. 


From 2 to 6 May 2018, as part of its promotional activities, Fine European Wines had the pleasure to host a five-day long wine tour around the beautiful Bulgaria, for acknowledged professionals in the US wine sector. The specialized guests - certified sommeliers, owners of specialized wine shops, representatives of retail chains, well-known wine bloggers, with an extensive influence in the global wine sector and particularly US, had the opportunity to explore Bulgarian vineyards.

During their five-day stay in Bulgaria, US professionals were able to gather information and learn many interesting facts about the old, history filled, yet unknown to many, world wine destination Bulgaria. They were able to get a taste of the local culture and delicious food and especially get familiar with the wine production process, in which each of the wineries devote their hearts and hard work.

The team of Fine European Wines believes that the specialized visits of the world wine elite in Bulgaria will become a successful practice that will strengthen the image of Bulgaria as a top wine destination.

Take a look at some pictures below capturing the wineries, wine tastings, local food and stunning wine regions!