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The Balkan Peninsula is definitely gaining respect, not only on the restaurant stage in the DC Metropolitan area, but also on the drink menus. The Balkan concepts are in the beating heart of the dynamic restaurant scene in Washington, D.C. and Balkan grill trucks are circling the streets, offering fast food and the taste of Eastern Europe.

Broadleafed Melnik is a low extract local grape with a tricky character — much like Sangiovese in Italy — called the “tricky child” by specialists. It is a late ripening and not easily vinified grape. Last year, members of the promotional project, “Fine European Wines”, presented some really memorable Melnik wines to the Washington, D.C. area. If you get the chance to taste them, here is what you will remember, among other characteristics: spicy, herbal, and earthy notes, topped by a pinch of berries.

Melnik 55 is a successful hybrid developed in the 1970s. It is a crossing between the Bulgarian Melnik and the early ripening French grape Valdiguie. The wines come with more power and juicier fruity notes, yet the earthiness is present and the spice and tobacco tastes develop with aging.

The wines from both varietals would go perfectly with Mediterranean cuisines: pasta with sauce, lamb tartare, tuna tartare, lamb kebab and grilled earthy veggies.

If you wish to taste some of our fine European wines, you can do so by visiting select restaurants in Washington, D.C. or check out our website www.fineeuropeanwines.com for more information.